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Category Archives: Houston Auto Accident Attorney


New Study Indicates That Too Many People Are Dying Due to Drivers Running Red Lights

By The West Law Office |

According to a new study recently released by AAA, the number of people killed due to drivers running red lights has reached a 10-year high:. In fact, close to 30 percent of all crash deaths at intersections now occurring because drivers are running red lights. In 2017 alone, almost 1,000 people were killed, which… Read More »

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New Study Shows That Some Are More Prone to Answering Work-Related Calls or Texts While Driving, Which Places Lives at Risk

By The West Law Office |

According to a new study, there is one demographic that has issues answering work-related calls or texts while driving, and this is placing a number of lives at risk by contributing to distracted driving accidents on the road. The demographic that is most likely to engage in answering calls and texts while driving are… Read More »

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Tips for Negotiating the Best Personal Injury Settlement Possible

By The West Law Office |

If you have been injured in an accident and are pursuing a personal injury claim, you of course, are likely going to rely on your personal injury attorney to help ensure that you receive the right amount of compensation needed to get you back on the road to recovery. However, it always helps for… Read More »

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New Research Demonstrates That Older Individuals Involved in Auto Accidents as Occupants Are More Likely to Suffer from Heart Failure & Strokes

By The West Law Office |

New research just published concerning the correlation of heart failure and strokes amongst older occupants in auto accidents could have serious consequences for auto accident litigation. Specifically, it shows that older adults who are 65 of age and older, who have been occupants in cars during auto accidents, are more likely to suffer from… Read More »

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